EFOIL 920 | 1060 ELITE

Paper (depending on quality), min.:80 g/m²

Board (depending on quality), up to:1000 g/m²

Corrugated board, (micro-flute) up to:2.0 mm

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- In-line pile preparation.

- Pile tray with handle allowing manual lateral correction of the pile during production.

- Manual non-stop device.

- Side blowers adjustable with Centerline markings.

- Suction unit with multiple adjustments.


- Covered with an anti-static stainless steel plate.

- Sheet slow-down device ensuring a smooth arrival of the sheets against the front lays.

- 4 front lays with multiple settings and front register control. 

- With electro-optic control system

- Pull guides on OS or OOS and adjustable according to the Centerline marks.

- Sheet synchronization to allow the fine tuning of the feeder cycle with regard to the platen cycle, while the machine is running.

- Ultrasonic double sheet detector.

- Sheet hold-down device (guiding the sheets to the front lays).

- Upper frame with manual lifting device.

- Upper transport equipment for paper and paperboard.

- Transport belts.

- With lateral guidance and automatic tensioning system.


- Heated upper head.

- With 12 independent heating zones.

- Automatic "on and off" pressure device of the platen.

- Increase of time under pressure with "Dwell" technology.

- Gripper reopening device.

- Equipment centering and locking.

- Automatic locking of the upper chase

- Automatic locking of the chase against the upper beam.

- Measurement of the cutting force with strain gauge.

- Motorized stamping force setting.

- Micrometric centering for stamping plate (+/- 0.9 mm).

- Steel stamping supporting plate.

- Thickness 15 mm


- Pile tray.

- Pneumatically controlled pivoting front joggers.

- Adjustable rear and side joggers with Centerline marks.

- Brush/tablet system.

- Ejector, sheet hold-down device.

- Automatic non-stop apron.

- Movable staircase for replacement of the foil at the delivery section


- Internal Foil Supply Module with 3 advance shafts for 300mm maximum diameter (D-300mm) foil reels consisting of:


- 3 advance shafts, each driven by 3 individually controlled motors.

- 18 pressing rollers for advance shaft, width 38 mm (J-155.001)

- 1 foil tension shaft, electronically controlled

- 12 pressing rollers for tension shaft, width 14mm (J-135.001)

- 1 foil break control system (with 6 sensors J-125.005)

- 1 combined blowing unit to flatten the sheet before impression, then to release the foil after stamping (8 nozzles)  

- Foil limit buckles on foil rod at the inlet and outlet of the die-cutting section:

- u  12 foil limit buckles width 10mm (F0517D-1) with 12 springs (F0517D-2)

- u  12 foil limit buckles width 4mm (F920F0447) with 12 springs (F0517D-2)

- 5 slitting knives

- 1 turn stand with 90° cross bars device for foil web guidance

- 1 used foils evacuation system with 4 rotating brushes

- 6 removable full width reel holder (J-140.001)

- 6 set of flanges and brakes for removable reel holders (1") (J-145.002)

- 6 set of flanges and brakes for removable reel holders (3") (J-145.003)

- 1 reel setting table (for J-140.001)

- 1 movable staircase for operation (BSA1083002100)

- 1 external used foil storage box (F920F1105)

- Independent electrical cabinet for stamping functions.

- Cabinet equipped with cooling fans and controls with the "Foil Advance Computing System" including:

- Individual control of each advance shaft, foil pulls and repeats

- Automatic calculation of foil advance pulls, combinations and their optimization

- Memorization of job settings (100 max.)

- Pressure control on embossing platform. 

- Automatic management of startup speed at 2'500 s/h after a machine stop

- Temperature setting and control with automatic tracking and adjustment to set value for each heating zone or all together

- Automatic temperature tracking and compensating system

- Platen section preheating function programmable up to 24 hours in advance

- Warning for "foil end-of-roll" and "foil break"  

- Communication system for remote troubleshooting and remote upgrades.



Paper (depending on quality), min.

80 g/m²

Board (depending on quality), up to

1000 g/m²

Corrugated board, (micro-flute) up to

2.0 mm


Feeder : normal mode, max.

1400 mm

Feeder : Non-Stop mode, max.

1100 mm

Delivery : normal mode, max.

1200 mm

Delivery : Non-Stop mode, max.

1200 mm


Production rate for stamping or diecutting , max.


Gripper margin

9-17 mm

Height of embossing dies

7 mm

Temperature Range


Number of Heated Zones


Power of Heating

24 KW

FOIL SUPPLY MODULE-Reel diameter, max.

300 mm


250 mm

Sheet size, max.

920× 650 mm1060 × 760 mm

Sheet size, min.

360 × 320 mm400 × 350 mm

Stamping and embossing size, max.

910 × 630 mm1050 × 740 mm

Stamping and embossing size, min.

340 × 300 mm380 × 330 mm

With gripper margin, max.

920 × 630 mm1050 × 740 mm

Without gripper margin, max.

920 × 640 mm1050 × 743 mm

Adjustable platen pressure, max.

250 T260 T

Machine Dimensions

6 × 5.2 × 2.7 mm

L × W × H

6.2 × 5.7 × 2.8 mm

L × W × H

Net Weight of Machine

Approx. 17 TApprox. 23.9 T


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