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EFOLD 1700 | 2100 | 3200 ELITE

Card board:250-1200 g/m²

Corrugated board:E-AB Flute

Max. Belt Speed:260 m/min

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- One tool adjustments throughout the machine, operator friendliness

- Extra wide and strong upper and lower belts specially designed for corrugated boxes

- Motorized carrier system for easy operation

- Linear rail system at all carriers (upper/lower carriers) for easy and precise adjustments

- Modular design for easy adaptation to accommodate various complex boxes such as crash-lock bottom boxes and 4/6 corner boxes

- New HMI with icon design for easy communication

- Strong and steady construction to improve running conditions

- Alignment Section as standard equipment to ensure proper feeding


Stock Range

Card board250-1200 g/m²
Corrugated boardE-AB Flute

Power System

Max. Belt Speed260 m/min
Jogging Speed20 m/min
Total Power Requirement75 kw
Max. Air Requirement0.7 m³/min

Transportation parameters

Machine Dimensions23.1 × 2.9 m23.1 × 3.3 m23.1 × 4.4 m
Weight25 Ton30.5 Ton35 Ton


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