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Mirrored Die-cutting Work Station
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The dual machine working station, “The Mirror” means space saving and reducing one skilled operator, hence of cost saving.

Why Mirror Machine?

  • Elite and Action models are designed with an option of combining two machines as “ Mirror”, meaning two machines’ operation side face to face sharing the same platform, side chase loader and all the toolings.

  • It is also possible for Elite/Action series machine to form a “Mirror” combination with a machine of Extra series. In this case, only sharing the common platform, not the side chase loader and the toolings.

  • The methods of mounting dies are the same to all Extra, Action and Elite. All machines have Centerline II system and first knife distance (20 mm) is the same, the mounting holes are the same as well.

  • Only one skilled operator needed for a “Mirror” machine combination instead of two, in case of individual machine, hence cost saving.

  • Common platform eliminates the aside in between the two individual machine layout, space saving.


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