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Blank Size  

Max. 1600 × 1600 mm  

Min. 270 × 270 mm

Number of Batches 

Max. 30(Cross 5 × Longitudinal 6)

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- The e-PAL can automatically stack all layers directly on rollers, on pallet or on plate. 

- The e-PAL can be installed with the pile delivery in-line or at right angle at the line.

- It is designed to greatly improve efficiency and reduce labor intensity. 


- The stack can be automatically arranged and aligned in a specified way, which can realize complicated arrangement combination and improve the production efficiency. The jogger can make the stack squared. 


- The layers are transported by belts and forks. Each layer as well as the whole pile is squared on all 4 sides.


- The Palletizer runs smoothly until all the stacks are evacuated, neat and squared.

Blank Size

       Max. 1600 × 1600 mm       Min. 270 × 270 mm

Number of Batches

Max. 30(Cross 5 × Longitudinal 6)

Batch Height

       Max. 1600 × 1600 mm        Min. 600 × 500 mm

Batch Weight 

Max. 300 kg

Pile Weight

Max. 2000 kg

Production Speed

      (Mean cycle between removals)

300 Layer/h


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