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Sheet Size : 

Max. 2100 × 1300 mm  

Min. 200 × 200 mm

Batch Height : 

Max. 300 mm  

Min. 50 mm

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- The e-BREAK is a compact, high-performance stand-alone separator and layer-arranger. 

- Capable of the intelligent and completely automated management of flows, it can be entirely adapted to your requirements. 

- The e-BREAK will save you between two and six operators and again will ensure the uninterrupted functioning of your die-cutter.

Sheet Size

       Max. 2100 × 1300 mm  Min. 200 × 200 mm

Batch Height

Max. 300 mm  Min. 50 mm

Layer Weight

       Max. 150 kg

Air Pressure

6 bars

Rated Power

10 KVA

Speed of the Apron

Max. 40 m/min

Number of Batchs in Transversal Axis

Max. 10

Number of Batchs in Longitudinal Axis

       Max. 5


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