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Sheet Size

Max. 1650 × 1200 mm(standard)

Max. 2100 × 1300 mm(option)

Min. 600 × 400 mm

Batch Height : Max. 250 mm  Min. 40 mm

Pile Height : Standard 1900 mm

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Pile-Lifting Table

- The pile is centered by means of photo cells controlling the lateral movement of the table.


- A batch of a specified height is taken from the top of the pile without disturbing it.


- The batch of sheets are lifted off the belt to assist the action of the joggers. A blower assists with aligning the most difficult types of cardboard.

Pile Evacuation

- The empty pallet, the carrier plate or remains of the pile are evacuated on rollers in the direction of travel, and then laterally by means of a pusher.


- The shingled stream is arranged by a mobile gauge.

Shingled Stream

- The machine is fed precisely, regularly and continuously.

Sheet Size

       Max. 1650 × 1200 mm(standard)

Max. 2100 × 1300 mm(option)

Min 600 × 400 mm

Batch Height 

       Max. 250 mm  Min. 40 mm

Pile Height

Standard 1900 mm


cardboard, micro flute, single and double wall corrugated board

Layer Weight 

Max. 150 kg

Pile Weight

Max. 1300 kg

Pallet Height 

       Max. 250 mm

Air Pressure

6 bars

Speed of the Pile Conveyor

14.5 m/min

Speed of the Lateral Pallet Pusher

42 m/min

Speed of the Aprons

±125 mm

Jogger Sizes

±135 mm


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